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Some Grand Cayman Diving 2

Some Grand Cayman Diving

Last month my wife, Crystal, and I took a whirlwind vacation with some of our extended family to several great diving destinations including Cayman, Roatan, Belize, Cozumel and Ft. Lauderdale.  I’ve got a lot...

Friend not Fish Video Update 4

Friend not Fish Video Update

To all those who are waiting for the official Friend not Fish 2008 Video to be released, I have hit a milestone.  An essential piece of my editing studio was broken for a couple...

Friend not Fish dive tour T-Shirts are ready to order 0

Friend not Fish dive tour T-Shirts are ready to order

Everyone who is participating in the 3rd annual Friend not Fish dive tour in the Channel Islands can now purchase the official shirt of this years trip.  See the panel below, and what you...

SCUBA Diving Checklist 0

SCUBA Diving Checklist

A couple of years ago, as we began the preparations for what would become the “Friends, Not Fish” annual dive excursion, I created an almost foolproof checklist for dive trips.  The idea was to...

San Carlos Diving 0

San Carlos Diving

Crystal and I just got back this past weekend from doing some diving in San Carlos, Mexico.  We went with Saguaro Diving and Sport on their last organized trip of the year to San...

Maui Diving Pics 0

Maui Diving Pics

I’ve finally posted some of my Pics from Maui, including many diving shots.  Click the image below to go to this gallery. 

Channel Islands 2007 Dive Trip Photos 0

Channel Islands 2007 Dive Trip Photos

So, the 2007 “Friend, not Fish” dive trip has come to a close.  For the second year a bunch of buddies have gotten together on the Truth Aquatics “Conception” for a 3-day live-aboard dive trip...

Goliath Grouper Video 0

Goliath Grouper Video

Last summer my wife and I dove off of Fort Lauderdale, FL, and this is a bit of the video that I took.  This shows a very large grouper (one of two in the...

Another Picture 0

Another Picture

This is a White Spotted Rose anemone that I shot in the Channel Islands. Adding here mostly for a test of flickr.