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Jawbone connected to the Ear Bone 0

Jawbone connected to the Ear Bone

I just picked up a new bluetooth headset (I haven’t been a big fan of bluetooth headsets for a while now…but I’ll leave that to another post).  Tim turned me on to it today,...

Zune Almost Here 0

Zune Almost Here

In less than 24 hours, the Zune will be released.  For more info, check out these sites: www.zune.net (official Zune website) www.zuneinsider.com (insider blog from a Zune team member) www.zune-arts.net (artist oriented site for...

Mini Cooper Goodness 0

Mini Cooper Goodness

This is a great representation of what its like to drive a Mini.  Don’t leave anything loose in the car… Mini: Carbonated Posted Mar 22, 2007A Mini motors through the streets of San Francisco...

Not Using MSN Search is Expensive 0

Not Using MSN Search is Expensive

This video from the Australian version of the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” says it all: Video: Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Expression Sees the Light of Day 0

Expression Sees the Light of Day

Microsoft Expression Web Beta 1 has been released.  Check it out if you are so inclined.  If you don’t know what this is you are probably not a web developer.  If you are, and...

Windows/Linux Security Comparison 0

Windows/Linux Security Comparison

Jeff Jones has done a new comparison between Windows and Linux workstations from a security perspective.  Check out his blog post to get the details.  The skinny is that, as many people understand, the...

LiveWriter 0


So, I’m trying out the new LiveWriter on my blog.  Seems to be working great.  Another tool to make my life easier…and thanks in part to some whining (in a good way) from Tim,...

Wow…Funny Clearification 0

Wow…Funny Clearification

Check out http://www.clearification.com/.  This is some funny stuff, in my opinion.  I don’t even get the Vista tie-in at this point, but this guy is hilarious. Here is the first webisode, but you gotta...

Channel Islands Pictures 0

Channel Islands Pictures

I’ve put together a lengthy album from a dive trip we took to the Channel Islands in California earlier this year.  These are from the northern Channel Islands (Santa Cruz Island) and our diving...

Is that really a sport? 0

Is that really a sport?

After jabbering on for years about what is and what is not a sport (c’mon, guys, you know you think of this everytime you see figure skating), I realized that some of my friends...