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Finally...a beach day. 0

Change of Scenery

Wow. It’s been a whirlwind couple of months, to be sure. I need to get some things updated here. Shortly after my last post my and my family’s lives changed quite a bit. In...

Quick Take #7-A Day at the Phx Zoo. 0

Quick Take #7-A Day at the Phx Zoo.

On Saturday we took the kids to the Phx Zoo to see a Zoo Member Preview of the new Komodo Dragon exhibit.  Merek is a reptile freak, so we knew he would love it. ...

Halloween Comes 2

Halloween Comes

The gateway to the holiday season has come and gone, so here are some of our pictures. View Full Album During pumpkin carving, Crystal made gourmet (and messy) caramel apples to get us in...

Wacky Hair Day 0

Wacky Hair Day

Merek and Trey had a Wacky Hair Day at school today.  This was them on their way out the door.

Just a Little Off the Top 2

Just a Little Off the Top

Here’s Trey, my youngest son.  He smiles. A lot. He had an interesting day yesterday.  It seemed like most every other day at first, but some time after school and before I got home...

Daily Flip 002 0

Daily Flip 002

Hey everyone.  Installment number two of the Billwil Daily Flip.  Today we get a couple of at-bats from my youngest son’s baseball game tonight.  I hope you enjoy. In other Flip news, the Flip...

The Daily Flip 001 0

The Daily Flip 001

Inspired by a comment from one of my Facebook friends, Jennifer, I’ve decided to start Billwil’s Daily Flip, so called because of the little camera I use to capture it (Flip Ultra).  I’m sure...

A Little Effort this Year 0

A Little Effort this Year

Okay…so I usually don’t go all out for seasonal decorations…it’s just not my thing, but for some unknown reason, I decided to put a little effort into our pumpkin carving this year for Halloween. ...

Happy Independence Day 0

Happy Independence Day

What a great day to celebrate!  Here are a couple of pics from our 4th of July breakfast.  Just a little something my amazing wife, Crystal, cooked up.  We had a good discussion for...