Change of Scenery

Wow. It’s been a whirlwind couple of months, to be sure. I need to get some things updated here. Shortly after my last post my and my family’s lives changed quite a bit. In that time, I took a step along my career path, we rented out our house in Arizona, bought a new house in Southern California, and moved. The dust hasn’t even settled yet, but I’ve got some things rolling around in my head that I’ve got to get out on the blog, so I need to get up to date here so I can get to the good stuff. I won’t talk too much about the move here because I’ve got some footage, and intend to get more, on our experiences, our thoughts and emotions, and more importantly, the adventure of relocating and discovering a whole new lifestyle in a new place, and will likely put it on YouTube or otherwise get it out there (I know my Friend not Fish buddies are saying, “Ya, right” at this point).

From the Desert to the Beach. That said, the quick story is we moved to San Diego (actually, the north county area near Carlsbad), and we’re trying to adjust, get settled, etc., all while I’m starting a new job and trying to transition out of the old.

What’s Next? I’m pumped, though. Not even as much about our beautiful new surroundings because I don’t even think that’s sunk in yet (and we’re certainly not doing many “fun” things yet). It’s more about the new job. I’m focusing now on Windows client and all of the things around Windows, including devices, apps, security, and of course, the enterprise side of it all. It’s especially exciting right now because of what’s happening and about to happen with Windows 8. The Consumer Preview was just released and we’ve learned a great deal around Windows 8 in the last week. I believe that this is one of the biggest risks that Microsoft has ever taken, and I’m confident that it will pan out. It’s just exciting to be a part of it.

I’ve also got a lot of new, interesting customers that I’ve never worked with before, and I’m really excited about that as well. I get to work with a lot of really smart, talented people both at Microsoft and at my customers. I get to learn what these customers are really good at, what is important to them, and hopefully help them do it even better.

Yup…I’m stoked. You’ll probably see a lot more information here that pertains to Windows, especially Windows 8, because it’s my professional life now. I absolutely loved what I was doing before…and I’m excited to take this step into specialization as well. Bring it on.

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