Large-PC-App-TileWell, my first Windows Phone 7 app has been certified and accepted into the Windows Phone Marketplace today.  For more information on the app, see my post from earlier this week.

It turns out my app, E6B Gizmo, is the 9,993rd application in the marketplace.  I was aiming for 10,000th which may get hit yet today, but missed it by 7 apps.  Ah, well; I was close.

In any case, if you have a Windows Phone 7, check out the app here.  If you just want to read more about it, check out the listing on WindowsPhoneAppList.com (a pretty cool website, actually).  In case anyone is wondering, it took only two days to get accepted and go through the certification process.  I submitted on Wednesday, and by Friday evening it was approved and in the marketplace.  Granted, it’s a pretty simple app to certify, but it was fairly painless and easy.

Now that it’s published, I’ve already got some things to do for the first update.  I’ve already found a small bug that needs to get squashed, so that’s first.  Then I want to add a trial mode so people can try it out before committing to buy it.  The next thing after that will likely be a feature that will automatically save the last entries on each screen.  It shouldn’t take too long to get these done…so hopefully there will be an update out shortly.

If you’re using the app…please give me feedback (either through the app itself or here directly) on what you would like to see next.

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